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The Emergy Society
Welcome to the Emergy Society Web Site!

We are an international society dedicated to the
advancement of research on emergy and transformity
as a means to accomplish better decision-making in a
complex world. This work is accomplished within the
framework of Energy Systems Theory (Odum 1994).

Our goal is to support research and communication  
that will increase the quantity and improve the quality of
emergy research throughout the world.

You can explore our website to learn more about
emergy, H.T. Odum, and our organization.

join ISAER, if you are interested in
accomplishing our goal
Odum, H.T. 1994. Ecological and General Systems. University Press
of Colorado, Niwot, CO. 644. p.

Last Modified May 25, 2013
The Emergy Society's New Logo
Please, go to the Logo page to see the Emergy
Society's new Logo developed by the Logo
Committee in collaboration with Lux Design of San
Francisco, CA. Logo designs from the ISAER Logo
contest are also shown and we will use them in an
artistic context to support our mission.
Images from the 8th Biennial
Emergy Research Conference
Party at the Odum-Logan House
Photographs by Sam Hopkins
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The Emergy Society Database of transformities and
other unit emergy values is administered by Brandon K.
Winfrey and it is currently open for use by all Emergy
Society members and other interested parties.

Please follow these steps to register.

1) Go to  
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     Please Pay Your 2014 Dues

At the 5th Annual Meeting of ISAER, we approved raising the
dues for full membership to $50.00. Student membership remains
at $10.00. You can now pay dues for two years at one time. A
reduced rate membership of $25.00 is available as appropriate
based on the member's financial conditions.

We met our goal of raising $4000 to support travel of five people
to the Emergy Synthesis 8 conference. Thanks to four donors.

Please pay your dues through setting-up a Pay Pal account or
with a credit card by going to the
dues and donations page on
this web site and  clicking on the link provided.
A Prosperous Way Down Website and Blog

“A Prosperous Way Down” is a proposition that we can change our ways enough to gradually reduce our energy
use to fit the reduction of our resources.

The website,, created by Mary Odum Logan concentrates on this proposition. It supports
lively discussions on what we can do to fit the patterns of today and tomorrow.

The book ,
A Prosperous Way Down, by Howard T. Odum and Elisabeth C. Odum, was published in 2001 by
University Press of Colorado, 5589 Arapahoe Ave. Suite 206C, Boulder, Col. 80303.

A paper by Betty Odum summaries much of the book. The paper will be presented at a workshop at the Friends
General Conference, held at the University of Rhode Island July 1 - 7,  2012. You can download the paper by
following this link to
Betty's paper.

Here is a link to a Report on the first Prosperous Way Down Workshop
Posted by Enrique Ortega 09/24/12
                                                                             Call for Providers

                             World Summit – Emergy Analysis for Designing a Prosperous and Sustainable Future

ISAER plans to run a broad-based conference to complement our biennial emergy research conference held at the University of Florida.
This international conference will be designed to appeal  to  a  wider  audience  including:  policy  makers,  government  officials, not-for-
profits and academics from a variety of disciplines interested in finding out more about emergy methods and their usefulness. A particular
emphasis would be on providing practical applications of emergy methods in real-world decision-making. Please go to the
Call for Proposals
page to see the details for making an application.
             The ISAER Monthly Newsletter

Coordinated by Enrique Ortega, President of the
International Society for the Advancement of Emergy
We are requesting that newsletters be sent to us from
Emergy Research groups around the world.
Newsletters from the
UNICAMP (University of Campinas)
group in Campinas, Brazil and the
Ecosystem Engineering
Design Lab
at the University of Maryland, USA are now
posted. To read them follow the link to the complete
newsletters found on the
In the News page. Also, directions
for sending Enrique a newsletter from your group are given
on the "In the News" page.
Emergy Synthesis 8 was held from January 16 through January
18, 2014 on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville,
Florida. The meeting was preceded by a workshop on progress
toward a "Prosperous Way Down". The Seventh Annual Meeting
of the International Society for the Advancement of Emergy
Research was held on the afternoon of January 18th after the
conference. A report on that meeting is posted in the